The LoR Tracker includes many useful features
including a graveyard, opponent deck tracker,
and a local match history

Match History

A simple match history to see your streaks and a details window showing some statistics and the cards your opponent played.

Deck History

Find your best decks and matchups with the deck history.

Deck Tracker

Your deck tracker allows you to see exactly what cards you have left in your deck. Along with this, you may see how many cards are in your deck and hand. Lastly, there are calculators for allegiance and card type built in.

Opponent Deck Tracker

The opponent deck tracker keeps track of all cards the opponent has used so you know what you do or don't have to play around.


The graveyard allows you to see any units that have been killed or spells that have been used.
To allow you to easily find what cards you're looking for, you may filter the
graveyard by type or owner.

Configuration Options

There are many configuration options you can alter to make the tracker fit your needs.
For each window, you can change the position, size, and opacity.
You can also completely disable a window or disable mouse events so it's a true overlay.


The development for this app is still quite early. Bugs are likely at this stage. I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know if you find any bugs.
Feel free to contact me or join the Discord for features you want to see implemented, ideas, or other seious inquiries.